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Now: 23 May 2019 06:53
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minus ships in spy report, player using cheets

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Orlovich stole my ops.
Spying after battle shows my lost ships with -

Why to hell my lost ships with -  and not his stored ????

As he arrived near - all my browser shut down.
So he uses the known cheet.
why he gets not banned ?
should be easy to see the uses the robots.

I do not think it is fair game if a player comes with 2 million fleet points
and all your browser windows stop same moment.
And after battle I tryed to spy and get wrong report.
And the actual server are super slow.

6 May 2019 01:24
6 May 2019 01:24
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5th player we have that browser window stopping.

Guess cutting gate range to 25% was not enaugh help for big player.

We all already know wich player gets the 1.2 million hc end of year.
The hole game balance is to support 1 player.

6 May 2019 23:22
6 May 2019 23:22


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