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Now: 19 November 2019 23:24
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Missing scrollbar

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when you send out multiple attacks and open the list of enemy fleets then no scrollbar is added when the list exceeds its lengths. Please add a scrollbar when the amount of fleets become too large to be displayed.
This only happens when you have the list opened before the attack that exceeds the list is added.

Example for reproduction:
Your fleet list can hold 5 attacks. With 6 you need a scrollbar.
Send out 6 attacks that all take place at the same time.
Open the list for enemy fleets ( ) before any attack happens.
Wait for all attacks to be added to the list. -> list becomes too long to be displayed at once -> the scrollbar is not there.

I need to close and re-open the list in order to get a scrollbar to view all enemy fleets.

Edit: This is not exclusive for the enemy list. All other lists are affected by this problem as well.
26 April 2019 22:28
26 April 2019 22:28


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