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unfair ships lost, battle union bug

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my son "ajhcraft" just got a space wanderer for getting 6 pirates, so he invited me "shane" on a battle union against "snfaya" battle link above.
but when we got there a bug made my ships defend snfaya! I am not allied with snfaya so can not defend!
I am allied with ajhcraft so should not attack!
but from the report you can see that our ships turned on each other!
I shane lost 1 stealth fighter, 7 cruisers, 1 space wanderer.
my son ajhcraft lost 54 fighters, 214 cruisers, 1 space wanderer.
I have complained once and luxeon has been put on it but has done nothing I have also sent him a pm message but no answer
18 September 2015 14:59
18 September 2015 14:59
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double topic
21 September 2015 10:51
21 September 2015 10:51


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