The announcement of the reform of the project numbers, depletion, and improvement of production.

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Dear players, the administration of the project under the auspices of the new editor of the balance is preparing a large-scale reform of the numbers. This would mean that from all the numbers of the project one bit will be removed. For example, Rocket Launcher of Terran will cost not 2000 in metal and 200 in metal. Accordingly, 10 times decreases consumption of units and other characteristics.

The course of Vespene to Hydarian crystals will be 3 700, instead of 37 000.

The essence of reforms is to simplify the perception of numbers and convenience of interfaces. In addition to a reform of numbers we will spend changes in the characteristics of some units in the direction of enlargement.

The reform brings no reduction of production so do not be alarmed when also visit the project and see that everything was reduced 10 times. Reform will raise output. Reform of numbers will occur probably in the night from Thursday to Friday so the server will be turned off, the exact time will be announced later. Once again: the reform does not involve any cuts but instead opens the way to raising production, so please do not panic on Friday.

Update: The date of denomination postponed to Monday - Tuesday of the next week. This week there will be nothing.
9 September 2015 11:50:09
9 September 2015 11:50:09


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