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I see that in last few weeks no more NET server , just one RU , so as you know Pirates don't show any more outside of Galaxy 1 to 50 only , Today T-800 admin says there will not be Pirates any more outside of this Galaxy , Can any one please confirm with other Admins this is Truth ?
BTW here can be any question about Pirates , because i did not find any in English , any question , just ask , we can share information here .
15 April 2015 22:43:09
15 April 2015 22:43:09
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Quote: DjSoulJammer
T-800 admin

1. He is not admin

2. But, unfortunately, that's true.
There is no more pirates on 900+ arms.
Also pirate's has been nerfed in first arms as well.

2.5. A lot of things has been changed about NET. This problem is discusing with admins.

3. Here is some usefull info.
My zerg is banned now. When i will be unbanned - ill correct it.
15 April 2015 23:01:46
15 April 2015 23:01:46
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Cap i read that post and is good one , i just dont understand why they have quest on pirates if they don't want to corect this , on the end of day , everything is on price , and nothing for free , so if they need any help , maybe they can write some massage to players to help .
15 April 2015 23:07:43
15 April 2015 23:07:43
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Thats main xcraft admin

try to speak with him. probably, he will answer you in a weeks.

Im sure he has never visited ENG-forum.
He has his own view of this project and he dont mind about what players do.
Only TOP100 or some other "special" players can have some effect to him.

Just a litle bit of history:
At the beginning there was only RU-server. But there was some disaster in data centr and most of info was destroyed by fire.
So, Admin has created NET server, wich is situated in the same Game-world.
Previously that was impisssible to get from ru to net and vice versa.
So they were developing at the same time.
And it was legal to have one account of each race on RU and on NET (6 max)

What do we have now?
Just a few days ago Admin has stopped registration of new players on NET.
Pirates have been removed from NET.
You can have only one account on each server (3 max).

Admin explains these steps cuz now its not a problem to travel between RU and NET. And its made to prevent multi-users to increase main Accout by twinks e.t.c.
15 April 2015 23:24:53
15 April 2015 23:24:53
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Thank you , this was really good info
17 April 2015 00:13:55
17 April 2015 00:13:55


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