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Topic: Gate radius reduced to 10000, depletion increased | 1 November 2021 17:54:27
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Yes you are killing the game.
Very dumb to betray your customers.

They are the people who, when happy, will spend money in the game.

What weed you guys smoking? Must be some expensive high priced weed to make the brains make such retard decisions.
Topic: Hydarian is tied to the US dollar | 1 April 2020 15:50:20
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Thank you for your timely announcement.
Almost ready to spend quite some money getting lots of HC to grow a new race super quickly after discussions with the players in-game.
Your newest policy is the death of that new idea.
So deeply appreciative of the fact that you helped me save the money.
What you have just done will most definitely make everyone not want to spend money in your game.
Have a nice day and I hope you all will find a way out of this mess so that I can continue enjoying your game as a non-buying hc player.
Topic: Unbalence at Quest 6 | 3 October 2015 07:53:44
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There is more, another worst with this continuation of pirate attack.
It will tell you to go to 100:666 at a void and wait for Montana ship (a Jonunn) that spawns randomly at unknown hours so u require a decent sized fleet and travel distance burning much vesp.
Go check that place out and after seeing what's around that place you will roll your eyes and call out epic fail.
It's full of high points players and unless ur in their coalition or alliance of theirs you can forget about ever finishing this quest.
Absolutely almost impossible to finish because your fleet standing by will be utterly decimated by the locals there.
Topic: Depletion, the new super-opportunity of buildings | 30 August 2015 11:26:13
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Why another nerf, I though you just nerfed geologists bonus recently? You introduced resources generating structures and now have depletion to negate those 3 new structures?

If your aim is to make profit and making the game great, then you all should start listening more to your customers and stop making changes that makes so many players unhappy.

All successful online games always place the opinions of its players/customers highly and they enjoy a great amount revenue and fame.

Nerfing the game and/or abruptly changing things for the worst for players, in the name of balance, with little or no accompanying explanation and/or consultation makes you all look arrogant and will always eventually result to losing customers.

Continue this direction to your own peril.
Topic: Maximum usefull fields | 5 May 2015 23:52:32
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lol point taken.
Topic: how to control them | 5 May 2015 10:32:51
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Just sent 10 fighters to expedition for 4 hours and got 13 back :wink:
However lost way more than what's gained so far to black bloody holes
But its fun gambling :)
Topic: Connection between Ru and Eng parts of forum | 5 May 2015 10:26:56
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Google translator ftw.
Not perfect but not impossible to understand either.
Topic: Maximum usefull fields | 5 May 2015 10:14:13
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If you have spare H crystals, you can hire Astrophysicist officer, each level gives you spare fields and they cost 25 units / level.