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terrans 27 627 players
27 627 players
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Brief summary of space exploration

Allocation of races in the universe

Terrans - 27 627

Xerjs - 6275

Tosses - 460




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Space fleets in flight

ACS Defend 5689
Expedition 5432
Attack 2603
Deploy 2421
Transport 2351
Harvest 2318
Planetary destruction 406
Colonize 309
ACS Attack 222
Espionage 136
Occupation 129
Delivery 110
Planetary devouring 92
Collect the goods 49
Metal mine contamination 38
Mineral mine contamination 26
Lab contamination 19
Refinery contamination 17
Planet capture 3
Destroy 2

Here shows the number of fleets flying with defined missions.

Screenshots of the game

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Space online strategy Xcraft - it is a free game with a unique combat system. Example of a battleRegistration