Open voting: 9. Should alliances be allowed to create larger territorial unions?

1.Yes, I think the idea of uniting alliance territories into a larger association is interesting, and I propose that the administration consider introducing such confederate unions in the gameplay. - 5 (45%: mirotvorec73, M-M, rassssol, deRooij, Darkside)

2.No, I consider the idea of uniting alliances into a single territorial association unnecessary. - 6 (55%: 007Slava, mimo, zemlyanin_, Denis11, GID, ill)

3 .I don't care how alliances develop, I'm a solo player. - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 11.

Creation of a new alliance of alliances - Confederation, Creation of a confederal union of alliances

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Please consider the issuethe possibility of uniting alliance territories into one common union - a confederation. Players who belong to such a confederation will receive a new “Confederation” medal, which will give small bonuses. On the galaxy map, this confederation will be visible as a single territory. Essentially, the development of alliance confederations will lead to the development and capture of larger territories and encourages smaller alliances to develop more quickly for the purpose of the same associations.

On the “Diplomacy” tab, add a new treaty “Confederate Union”
As a result, 5 fields will appear to include 5 possible alliances. As well as a field for the name of the confederation (which will be visible on the map when it is reduced) and a picture that will be common to this union of alliances. On the galaxy map, when you zoom out on the map, you will see 1 common colored zone, on which there will be a picture of the confederation, the name of the confederation and under it, first, in bold font, the alliance of the initiator of the confederation, and then below, in a column in regular font, a list of alliances included in the confederation.

Players who have the "Confederation" medal, provided that the border of their alliance reaches or receives a signal from the border of another alliance that is part of the confederation (which also transmits or receives the signal of the third alliance) have the following bonuses:
1. energy production increases by 10% on planets, OPS and other objects (this will be especially important for Toss)
2. Armor, shield and attack per shot of all defensive structures increases by 5%.
3. Players belonging to one confederation see an area open from the “fog”, which is visible to other players of the same confederation.

1. The creation of a confederation is possible with the consent of at least 3 alliances
2. The signal level from the alliance network of one of the members of the confederation must reach the alliance network of another alliance; in the event of a network break between the alliances belonging to the confederation, the territory of the cut off alliance takes on the form of an independent alliance and does not receive any bonuses from the “Confederation” medal.
3. The maximum number of alliances that can be united into 1 confederation is 5 pieces
4. An alliance can join a confederation if it has at least 30,000,000 points.
5. An alliance that can take part in a confederation must have both pacts (non-aggression and defense) with other alliances participating in the confederation.
6. The initiator of the creation of a confederation must have 1000 HD in his account, which will be debited when the confederation is created (if consent is confirmed, at least two more alliances)
7. 1 alliance can be part of only one confederation.
8. In the event that one of the alliances leaves the confederation, if the number of alliances in the confederation remains less than 3, the confederation breaks up into separate alliances (as it was before the unification), to create a confederation again - it is necessary to fulfill the conditions described above. Breaking any pact also automatically excludes the alliance from the confederation.
9 April 2024 09:15:32
9 April 2024 09:15:32
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В итоге мы получим супер мощный альянс который поглотит всех и будет копать огороды
9 April 2024 10:11:43
9 April 2024 10:11:43
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CABP, так игра на то и расчитана чтоб захватывать территории и воевать, а тем кто любит шахтерить будут продолжать шахтерить
9 April 2024 10:29:03
9 April 2024 10:29:03


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