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Pumping Technology not working as described, Pumping Tech not adding the described number of planetary fields

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Currently ongoing

Human PumpingTechnology is not working as described in the description of the research. I have level 12 pumping technology and I am only getting +4 fields and it should be 6.
Tech description:
The level of efficiency of resources exhaustion of mining buildings rises thanks to modern pumping stations, and this reduces their depletion by 1% per level from current data. In addition, powerful pumps are used to pump liquids from the surface, while increasing the number of fields for building on the planets by 1 for every 3 levels of technology at an Infrastructure below level 10; 1 field for every 2 levels of technology when Infrastructure 10 is reached; 1 field for each level of technology when Infrastructure 100 is reached.

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Just look at fields on planets vs. the owners pumping technology

12 March 2024 17:57:46
12 March 2024 17:57:46
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As per description, you need Infrastructure level 10 or above to get more fields for Pumping tech. Your Infrastructure level is 8 at the moment.

This is not a bug.
12 March 2024 18:03:56
12 March 2024 18:03:56


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