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Gravity gun satelite not regaining speed after escaping fire for 1 min

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24 Dec 2023, 21:00

My gravity gun satelite is being shot by CHRISTMAS OPS, but I managed to get outside of his gravity gun beam so that I was not taking damage from his gravity gun anymore. After 1 minute of escaping fire, I was meant to regain my full speed flying in local co-ordinates but this did not happen. Even after I around 30 minutes, I still was moving at a super slow speed even though I was not being hit by a gravity gun.

After 1 hr, he logged back on, re-aimed his gun as my station, and now I have to try and crawl out of gun beam again.

Could you please check or confirm that if i'm out of gravity gun fire for 1 minute, my station should be able to fly at full speed again?

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24 December 2023 21:13:12
24 December 2023 21:13:12


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