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Open voting: Change x2/x3 for geologist/asterogeologist xerjs according to the principle similar for terrans and toss?

Yes, change it. - 6 (86%: YuraKlinok, РимиСакихата, riko, bank12345, Nika777, zULKA)

No, leave everything as before. - 1 (14%: Vladimir2903)

Vasya. - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 7.

Zerg geologist x2 change

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Good day, dear members of the political system of the Xcraft project!

I am writing here becausenew KA does not pay any attention to ideas, and I cannot write in other sections of the watered system.
Without long introductions, I will offer you an idea for discussion: a long time ago it would be time to make basicofficers The "experts" of the "xerj" race do not die when x2 (x3) is turned on, but are the same as those of the terran and tos, i.e. bought for HD.

Let me explain for the AC that the scheme used is extremely outdated due to the constant change in pricing policy forofficers / "experts" every month and the same probability of their "death", i.e. the price is constantly rising, but the probability does not change.

If earlier KA motivated this by an imbalance of prey towards "xerg" with a probability of risk, now, with the inclusion of x2(x3?0_o), your pussy will be exactly in the zone of the hydralisk.
I propose the following:
1. CA voluntarily changes the scheme of the geologist and astrogeologist "xerj" to the same one as that of the terrans / toss, without lengthy meetings of the Coggress, Soenat and NT / RB approvals and, if it does not change, go to point 2.
2. Members of the political crafting system in the Senate and Congress create topics with a link to this topic with a correctly asked question and wait for the results of the votes.


Sincerely, Ulrezaj/OvCore/Razzagal.

P.S. My geologist last died 7+ months ago, so don't get bogged down.
1 February 2023 03:23:16
1 February 2023 03:23:16


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