Beprotis Banned, compensation

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Beprotis now got Banned. We reported him 10 times to Victoria. without reaction.
He destroyed 100 of our Alliance STations, Gates etc. with Cheating.
Admins did not react.

Now he got banned.

So please explain to me, Why we do not get compensation from Admins,
Because the player used CHEATING to kill our shit.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Restore all from Beprotis destroyed moon objects

4 days ago
4 days ago
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Moved to “Complaints”.
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beprotis was banned because of

5.1. Sitting is prohibited. It is forbidden to transfer your game account to another person or receive someone else's account. If you want to take a break from the game, use the vacation mode.

How can this cheat have affected his performance against UN and SusiS ?

What kind of cheating of beprotis was reported by SusiS before ?

beprotis has 202 Battle Experience. Does SusiS want, that all his victims get compensation too or just she and UN ?

My question is: Why is beprotis just banned for one year ? Normally the bans were up to 10 years when I remember right.
3 days ago
3 days ago


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