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Devourer Damage, Fight I had

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I did an attack. A smal enemy with Admiral 0 acid 10
shot 4,6 million attack power per round with 60 devourer.
to DREADLISK ! ! ! Devourer shot 0.6 to DREADLISK.

This means 7.600.000 Attack power from 66 Devourer.
OR around - 115100 per round from 1 Devourer. FUNNY that my devourer
only shoot with 6900 per round.

What kind of CHEAT is this ?

AND why I lost Galaxy view picture at all my 3 accaunts time I started the attack ?
mean at xerj, teran and toss ?
AFTER my recycler moved out - then the galaxy view worked.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
br and simu is send to Victoria.


FIRST ROUND - 66 enemy devourer.
00:11 Devourer used Acid spores 3 740 400 (damage 3 740 400/0) to Dreadlisk SusiS
00:36 Devourer attack with firepower 106 848 (damage 105 923/925) Dreadlisk SusiS
00:51 Devourer used Acid spores 654 570 (damage 654 570/0) to Dreadlisk SusiS
00:56 Devourer attack with firepower 106 848 (damage 106 229/619) Dreadlisk SusiS

That is 4,6 million Damage from 66 devourer in first Round only. with FACTOR 0.6 to DREADLISK
so 115.000 Attack power per round per Devourer.

PLEASE explain this to me . ESPECIAL this was attack power 66 Devourer did the other shots.
So how can they do a 66 times stronger shot ?

21 November 2022 22:32:42
21 November 2022 22:32:42
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Quote: SusiS
So how can they do a 66 times stronger shot ?

This wasn't a direct attack shot, as you can see in details:
Quote: SusiS
Devourer used Acid spores 3 740 400

Acid Spores ability shows total armor of units that were slowed down. This is not direct damage, so no “66 times stronger shot” is happening here.
I agree it's a bit confusing that special abilities are lumped together with attack damage in reports, but this is how current combat system works, it won't change until new major version arrives.

Quote: SusiS
AND why I lost Galaxy view picture at all my 3 accaunts

This can happen when galaxy cache is reloaded. Full reload takes about a minute, during that time Galaxy page cannot show anything. This is also not a bug.
22 November 2022 12:26:26
22 November 2022 12:26:26


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