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OPS self-destruction, Gravity wave from an OPS that still had structure to spare

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24 July 2022 12:33:19

OPS was attacked. OPS still had 800k structure with the Grav Gun firing on it. After battle, I get the message that ops was destroyed and all fleets were lost. I had read the catalogue both before and after the incident, and no where does it state that the plasma cannons and vikings and even the grendizers add their structure to the total structure of object. So why did I lose all of my fleet?

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The battle (

24 July 2022 13:09:21
24 July 2022 13:09:21
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The defensive turrets add structure to any space object you can occupy. You have to leave more structure remaining an shut off any gg cannons shooting if you are wanting to capturing the object. Otherwise you risking your fleet and the object being captured to destruction due to structure being too low. This goes for raiding as well at that time. Careful hunting an have a great day.
25 July 2022 05:55:30
25 July 2022 05:55:30
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So exactly how much structure should have been left on the ops, to avoid total destruction?

1) This shows the total structure that the buildings on said ops should have contributed to the ops structure, namely 1,941,272 and the structure contributed by defenses was 841,845 separate.
2) After the battle, some of the defenses regenrate instantly, in said battle, 57 plasma cannons regenerated. Wouldn't they contribute to ops structure? That's another 253,921 structure that ops should have had before its untimely demise.
3) Vikings are not included in structure calculation.
25 July 2022 14:24:11
25 July 2022 14:24:11
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“The sum of the structure of defense and buildings increases the structure of the object by the formula [building structure] ^ 0.8 + [defense structure] ^ 0.8”

Sum of structural resources for that defence was 25.5M, so the structure bonus was 841 845. So, after those defenses were removed, OPS got negative structure and was destroyed by the gun.

This is not a bug.

Quote: RagnaR
So exactly how much structure should have been left on the ops, to avoid total destruction?

It's all described in Structure info. In short, object's structure is defined by cost in metal and minerals (technologies that improve armor do not affect structure). Then sum of structures for objects of each type is used in formula cited above. This bonus is independed of “shielding” provided by domes or Hydralisks.
25 July 2022 15:17:38
25 July 2022 15:17:38


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