Open voting: More money — Will you continue to continue to contribute?

Yes, I am fine with whatever - 0 (0%)

Yes, but conditional if Vasily is out - 3 (23%: nick258, BigBug10, granite)

Yes, If Senate is reinstated and it dictates the new adoptions of rules - 3 (23%: unclesam, CaptainBlood, RagnaR)

No, It will take a while for me to trust the game again. - 7 (54%: Xelshin, Vicky, Panzerman, davdalkr, Marsman, soccer, basehogger)

Not sure - 0 (0%)

- 0 (0%)

Total voted: 21.

If you have invested more than $1000 in the game, If you over time have invested $1000 in the game at this point.

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Group guest
If you have invested over $1000 USD in this game. Will you consider putting anymore contributions toward it in its current state with what has been applied to its overall player base?

hunts, see my poll.. somebody could probably write it better than me.. hopefully you can see what i am trying to do

BigBug, I get you. Hence a senate that is voted on. Where we all know that he would never be voted into the senate. :)
6 November 2021 11:13:43
6 November 2021 11:13:43
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Group guest
AHM ??? Senate is reinstalled. already. Vasja will not stop doing dummy changes.
IF you stop playing he will do aplause.
THIS game has to look interresting. To recruit new player for spending money.
THIS game has to be BAD in real. To make this people leaving FAST . AFTER spending money.
So more place with minimal server costs FOR NEW PLAYER charge.

So admins WANT this game is unplayable. THEY love it this way.
AFTER 2017 This perfect super funny good game Got changed step by step to ground 0 .
All things people had fun in got cut.
AND all "new " inovations like 3D - are only a mergendise joke.
A good game people would love to stay. And server costs would be to high.
This is not Vasjas Wish. People have to pay and go.
IN FACT. All people who think this is a game. Are wrong.
It stopped beeing a game long time ago.
6 November 2021 23:42:04
6 November 2021 23:42:04
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Group guest
SusiS, My bad, I see it now. I forgot. You have to be a premium member to be in the senate. I turned that off. I still want to see the senate dictate the rules to the game rather than a single emperor.
7 November 2021 06:01:15
7 November 2021 06:01:15


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