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Premium account issue

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Hello , not really a bug , I don't know where else to put the topic

I have an issue with premium, I have lost my Visa card and need a new one , I cannot load the details of my new card into premium account without deactivation
Can you allow me to change the details of the card that will take the payments , without deactivation? (for some, its possible that a card may expire soon)
If I deactivate the premium, will I loose the monthly extra production and pirate aggression fade?
If so , can you allow the option to deactivate the premium account and reactivate the next month without loosing the progress?
14 March 2021 09:26
14 March 2021 09:26
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Hello, Marsman. You can deactivate a premium, and reactivate it after the expiry date. If you activate a new premium within 7 days, the continuity period will be maintained.
15 March 2021 07:58
15 March 2021 07:58


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