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Chats, Chat does not save

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Dear Admins.
All know I am no FAN. But I have to say thank you.
That fire was a big desaster. But setting up new server in Dubai
in less then 1 day. GREAT WORK. thanks.
FOR english speaking player have to say. DO not cry about lost resouces.
lost time - lost work. OTHER games lost real much total accaunt data.
Right now CHAT bugs are the biggest Problem.
I get most messages because of this.
Guess you know it.
If wished I send screens and details.
OTHER player ask me if it is secure to buy hc , right now.
I pleased to wait 2 days. Possible you give a comment.
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Third class award

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11 March 2021 18:17
11 March 2021 18:17
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11 March 2021 20:13


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