Open voting: Ban for Bagoyuz - `` the buyer's business '' — Whether to reduce the time ban for bagoyuz according to clause 7.3

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Bagoyuz. Ban according to clause 7.3 - `` Buyer's business '', Reducing the ban period

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1. I think that any ban for more than a year is tantamount to deleting an account. A year is the most severe punishment. Again - for what? It would be nice in this
plan to clarify. The player must know what is due and for what.

2. In addition, as a playful moment, I would suggest creating a "collegium of lawyers" and "
but moderation, i.e. the execution of punishments would be made a mechanical function - by the decision of the "court".
At the same time, I would leave for the moderators the right of immediate ban for minor violations of the rules and / or for other offenses.
pending clarification of the circumstances - for a period of up to one month with the right of extension for one more month.
During this time, a judgment must be rendered.

3. Evaluation of the events associated with the buyer's bug, I do not seem to be indisputable at all ... However, if, in principle, we talk about the maximum punishment for such violations
and taking into account the practical zeroing of all resources, rollback in the construction of the fleet and the study of technologies, the maximum punishment should not exceed six months. The player and so -
paid dearly for my violation.

4. In addition, it is quite possible to introduce a fine in local currency (CD) with a reduction in the sentence by agreement of the parties. It can be beneficial to everyone.
4 March 2021 22:26:46
4 March 2021 22:26:46
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trismegist, oui je suit dacor
6 March 2021 21:26:15
6 March 2021 21:26:15
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Quote: filipi
oui je suit dacor

Tout commence par un choix... Enchantе!:)
7 March 2021 12:00:00
7 March 2021 12:00:00
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Да-да! "Защитники народа" - это комментарий, прилагавшийся к вашим медалям.
До сих пор большое количество игроков остаётся в бане.
Вы можете занять любую точку зрения, но обозначьте её, хотя бы проголосовав.
А то, честно говоря, даже неловко как-то за эту самую медальку...
15 March 2021 18:50:59
15 March 2021 18:50:59


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