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special For Victoria, For bug report "no battle Report"

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you asked for example. in close bug report. see
So here the wished informations.
OPS flying to 93:379:0
Arrive time 21 Oct 14:49:12
@Diehard stole. we stole back. Diehard stole again.
AND our player did not "see" because of missing Fight battle report.
THIS MEANS - NO RED 1 in top
this means no other notification. only planet list is "shorter"
You have no chance to see it.
And in alliance REPORT list the fight also was not.
so no of us could help re capturing it.
Last time @Diehard stole ops - we crashed it with fleet into planet.
This time such was not possible.
Because of other via PM to cemeh reported Bug
Diehard, He will not be able to show all 3 Battle Reports.
And as proof we have this screen. made time we stole back. also without Battle Report - but we wrote bug report !
As @Diehard did use this bug for secret stealing of OPS
And you now have your example.
I guess you bann according to excisting game rules
about the use of a gamebug for own growing without reporting.
Like you did with our Player Gerhard Gobler.
So all in all 2 different bugs. allowing more secure OPS stealing.
And that suddenly the time they come to us for exact doing this ?
Do you believe in santa clauss ?
14 October 2020 23:23
14 October 2020 23:23
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А duplicate of the topic.
15 October 2020 06:17
15 October 2020 06:17


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