Premium account question., Subscription details.

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Can somebody please help me locate my Premium subscription details? (amount, renewal date, etc)

26 July 2020 21:43:56
26 July 2020 21:43:56
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you can't see.
but with klicking on premium again - you have a red buttom to stop it.
bottom of site.
also you can ask a programmer to add this datas.
I also think it should be possible to see them.
26 July 2020 23:00:57
26 July 2020 23:00:57
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The premium account page has been updated to include the date that the payment is due! Thanks, that's very good, but stupid old me cannot remember how much he is paying! It might be useful to include also the amount!
Cheers! :)
27 July 2020 15:09:55
27 July 2020 15:09:55
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everything cost in this game, direction of game is simple, greed, players are frustrated at game play now, pirate are lowest i have seen in 2 years, i just canceled my premiums on 2 accounts, tired of this shit ;)

it will not stop or be fixed until Admins start making game intresting to play, right now i suggest not spending $$ on this game and it just that, was free play game when i started, Greed took over and they no longer care about the players here, all about the $$ ;)
28 September 2022 00:14:21
28 September 2022 00:14:21
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raptor777-toss, No, the use of the game mechanics, fleet menu, construction menu, galaxy view and other menu items does not cost anything... Only the fulfillment of your personal dreams that were possible before are no longer possible with the same investment of money and time - that is more expensive ...... 3 options - either pay (as the administration wishes), or reduce the plans a little, or leave the game.... :-(

PS: I still haven't deposited anything into the XCraft system - never.....
29 September 2022 01:28:03
29 September 2022 01:28:03


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