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Fleet award - wrong Description or Math

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Hey there,
thanks for the Fleet Award for mentioning the other Bug.

But as far as i understand the description from the fleetaward, i should receive a decrease in my ship building costs (meaning EACH ship). 1% for each different Medal (i my case right now 3% and if i get another dreadlisk medal it's still 3% cause same medals don't stack). But even if it is just 1% over all different types and numbers of fleet medals i still don't get it. a DS ist still 5m metal f.e.

and if the medals are just counting towards the specific type of ship (meaning just the dreadlisks (which is as a human pretty useless) you need to change the description.
Third class award

Third class award

This award can be exchanged for fleet award. It is issued for assistance in addressing bugs in game.

Reward issued by: Victoria

27 May 2020 16:03
27 May 2020 16:03
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I am in the same boat. As a human I got a Carrier 1 and no reduction I reported the the bug first with fleet stuck.
If you intend to replace the ship please be aware I am using it for fleet save for mats and do not want to loose them.
27 May 2020 23:14
27 May 2020 23:14
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It's 1% cheaper for the ship with the medal you hold, if you have a DS medal, only the DS will be 1% cheaper to build
28 May 2020 03:11
28 May 2020 03:11
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Marsman says true. Ans we also corrected the description to make it more clear. Thank you.
28 May 2020 06:12
28 May 2020 06:12


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