Cost of payback, building mines.

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At Xerj my mines are level 33.
If I summ all costs I already payed -
I need around 154 YEARS to get invested resources back.
Vasja anounced new prices. well. nice.
Still is around 3 years per level paypack cost.
As we read his future plans to reduce mines next year, too
I do not see any sence.
We lost already 3 of our biggest donators to the game.
I do not care for 90% of player leaving this.
Just stupid the people who spend most money here leave this game.
Research times of 3000 hours, make nobody interrested in buying hc for research.

Admins. please explain to me, why building up a mine

I please Admins to explain to me - why building up any mine.
Special after last post of vasja.
12 May 2020 23:21:14
12 May 2020 23:21:14
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SusiS, -
The change is because of there are to much resources in bestiary.
Like other changes in game - admins think different to us.
All player with "Headcluster"- xerj, "Government" - teran or "Konklav" toss
Earn money here in game. We call them Project owner . To smal prices in bestiary make their income low.
So this way they do prices up.

Example: Time of Research.
The long research times means people have more resources on planets,
so the Projectownwer - top 100 player can robb more from people.
Even the game gets less HC. because people do not buy research resources.
Thats typical. many changes are because of the top 100 gamer here.
and not for the game.
Same construction times of ships and buildings.

SO THIS change will not be permanent. if bestiarys get empty and prices rise again,
admins backchange it.
You all forget this game has to feed 100 people. in real live.
Because they change back hc to rubel.


I could swear that these were your words.
So, what happened now? do you forget this game has to feed 100 people in real live???

Although some receive benefits of negotiating within the game, the game will collapse if stupid decisions are made. The administrators of this game are making extremely stupid decisions and you can see it for yourself, although this game has to feed 100 people in real life, those people should be looking for something more to live for, because each update that is taken by admins, makes the game more frustrating.

Games are for fun, and no one will participate in a game, even if the lives of 100 people depend on that game in real life, if such game is not fun. Games are for fun, not for feeding others.
If the admins are so concerned with making decisions for the top 100, then they should allocate their HC revenue to those players, and not making the game more and more frustrating.

Soooo, Now you ask the admins for an explanation when you see that the decision made by them to decrease production also affects you.

Decisions that according to you, are made for the convenience of the top 100 players, however, it seems that they are also affected.
The point: Do not defend stupid decisions
14 May 2020 00:23:21
14 May 2020 00:23:21


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