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Battle comand, INR, last changes

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Dear Admins.
better than other,  I understand reduction of flight slots.
You go to russian server wich have not needed calculation power.

But this flight slots reduction - mean computer tech
also means Destroyer lost battle comand. Computer tech 6 is needed.

So 0 smal Player has real advantage of destroyer.
Addon research got slow down for new player
As INR you can only use with computer tech 5

There was a time expedition did not caunt in normal flight slots.
possible this is an Idea.

Addon the relocating - of new player to ally zone need mostly
7-11 days. As german starter apear in 600 zone and english player in 900 zone.
THIS should changed at least. Why only OTR and Battle star
Have english and german starter player next to them ?

Other case starter have near no flights.
Space game with out flights should not animate to buy something.

In general - even the change was for all similar
you only fucked the beginer in game.

How to raid 7 days off planets with 3 flight slots ?
How do do research without INR.
Did you watch research times for starter ?
How do go economic for pirates without destroyer
How to relocate from starter area at battle star / OTR to
only true Alliance ?

I think you should do some correcting balance
special for smal player starter in game. 
We other can compensate your shit.
8 November 2019 16:23
8 November 2019 16:23
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It is stupid to think about INR - and such for smal Player.
Soon the next research gets stolen and prices factor x 10 updated.
He did same with officer.

I am pretty excited wich time this game gets uninteresting for new player.

10 November 2019 23:08
10 November 2019 23:08
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It is not actual.
15 November 2019 10:12
15 November 2019 10:12


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