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Forbidden Asteroid field, Planet with Asteroid belt wich is not reachable

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i have the Planet  [100:691:3] on my map its since days suroundet by the same mass of Metall,
if u send workers to that planet, it looks like they reach the belt to 99.999999% but nothing more, they dont work, they dont gain material, in the Fleet section Timer went down to 0 seconds, and the fleed stands for days at 100%, u can get the fleet back with return, over the fleet menue. Its a bit annoying, cuz the fleet sort opton over time allways put those ServerMemoryloops up to the top cuz of 0 seconds.. the belt only eats up vespene gas, from the travlers wich try to harvest the belt..
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Second class award

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6 October 2019 17:54
6 October 2019 17:54
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Quote: Rastul
ks like t

Rastul. I think there are scourges / unvisible xerj ships / posted that place.
From big Player.
That way your recycler return automatic.
Addon please do not write Asteroid - if you tell about debris.
As asteroids are from destroyed planets, debris from destroyed ships or Objects like stations and moons.

In general it is better play - if you only take debris you shot selve.

wennste solche Fragen hast frag Deinen Tutor, wenns Tii ist fragste besser wen anders.
13 October 2019 18:07
13 October 2019 18:07
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This lock reason is fixed.
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