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Now: 20 July 2019 03:47
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Missile Silo Capacities, number of missiles error

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i have noticed that descriptions of the silo capacities of human buildings and defence missiles do not tally with the actual number of missiles u can make = bug.
eg.   silo capacity Lv4 says  20 IPs / 40 ABs,  when actually it is only  5/30.
Maybe this is caused by a later change to the ratios as a balance fix - that forgot the description changes too!

ps i better get my 5 hydarian crystals back from this lame bug reporting methodMissile Silo Capacities

not clear from description - should say 40 slots total
2 July 2019 01:35
2 July 2019 01:35
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Hello Vicci,

I agree with you that the description could be better.

So let me get some things straight for you:

Your silo has a shared capacity for the missiles. On LVL 4 it could fit 20 IPs OR 40 ABs. While a AB has a storage place need of 1 rocket slot the IPs need 2 rocket slots.
When you mix the missiles you need to account the needed rocket slots. This means that when you have build 5 IPs they need 10 slots of the silo.
So: 40 - 10 = 30 slots left.
That's why you think it has 5/30.

It has 40 slots in total but the 5 IPs need 10 slots, not 5.

Unfortunately you won't get your 5 hydarian crystals back, no matter what's happening further.
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Third class award

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2 July 2019 23:13
2 July 2019 23:13
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Tii is right.
4 July 2019 15:43
4 July 2019 15:43


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