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Paysafe card, Are you going to readd the paysafe methode for buying crystals?

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I have only one question :

Are you going to readd the paysafe methode for buying crystals ?

It was possible but after the update on the payment methods, paying with paysafecard isn t possible anymore....

So i want to know if you ever intend to readd it and when yes when does that happen?

Thank you

20 April 2019 12:31
20 April 2019 12:31
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If they quit screwing people over, maybe they could keep a payment gateway active for a change. They keep loosing paypal as well. They repeatedly screw people over, they get reported and then loose the ability to use that method due to getting charge backs and fraud reports. Why do you think they are dropping the methods that allow a charge back. They keep getting charge backs for stealing from the plays. A Simple solution is simply not to donate and let this game die. Its not like it will last long if they keep "balancing" things the way that they are.
16 November 2019 01:26
16 November 2019 01:26
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Darts77, Hi.

Try this

16 November 2019 12:08
16 November 2019 12:08
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Paysafe card

Big Problem = Big Rapid Help 

Paysafe card
16 November 2019 15:49
16 November 2019 15:49
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We need to find a way to acquire information from other pirates. --- HOW ??
16 November 2019 20:58
16 November 2019 20:58


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