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Hydralisks are not considered in Attack Simulator

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I tried calculating how many Hydralisks I would need for an attack.

It doesn't matter if you add a Lurker or not, if you use the "Attacker" box, Hydralisks won't appear in the "Simulator Battle Report".

You could swap the Attacker and Defender positions to get a feeling for how many Hydralisks you would need against the enemy fleet,

but you can't include enemy stationary defences since they obviously can't attack you :)
22 March 2019 03:44
22 March 2019 03:44
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Hi Zasz,

Hydralisks only enter battles when they are present on the object before the battle starts. This is the case because they are ground units.
It's also stated in the hydralisk description. I marked it here for you:
23 March 2019 05:17
23 March 2019 05:17


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