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Now: 16 September 2019 19:38
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Trampolines doesnt work anymore, error, bug, something, PLS help

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cannot toggle the '' jump through trampoline '' .. it stays red, whatever I do, I cannot jump WTF????

I am a sitting duck with my army, and when I go to the recieving trampolines, I cannot jump from there either, even with 1 small cargo wtf
tried to move, tried smaller or bigger armies, browser restart, laptop restart.... NOTHING HAPPENS ..
Are you doing any upgrades/work on trampolines ? If you do, pleasse notify the players, before you do it

Notice how it stays grey/blackish
cannot click it, something happened, I jumped like 20-30 minutes ago for last time... was all fine

What did you do to fix it ?? Now it works back again.. what the .. ?
Thanks anyway, I hope this does not occur again... never happened to me before, either.
26 February 2019 14:59
26 February 2019 14:59
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Hi, WuDStefoto.

Is it happened to you again?
25 March 2019 19:56
25 March 2019 19:56


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