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Pirates deployment, Just few pirates at all

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Group guest
Something wrong with pirates deployments. Just a few pirates at all for a long time.
Example of area:
8 June 2017 18:10:08
8 June 2017 18:10:08
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Group guest
Dear Pelmenis,
sorry to ask you. They changed the filter. Now it is possible do
disable view of pirats.
Maybe yours is off?

Off course it is possible you live near me.
than there are also no pirats anymore :D

8 June 2017 18:53:02
8 June 2017 18:53:02
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Group xerj 16 18 46 Messages 143
You're looking in arms 1-30 that is the most populated areas in the game from system 1-999 arm 1-30 are the most populous and as a result have the least pirates available.. try arms 50-100. Look for as a blank of an area as you can.. or browse during your normal online periods and see which sections of the map typically have the most pirates... then look at all those players in the area. is it a friendly alliance? can it be one? what size are the players? many big players? many small players? not to be a bully, but small players will have less fleet, less tech, less speed tech, less fleet least for the time being.. so will be less competition for you.. and hi again :)
8 June 2017 19:34:45
8 June 2017 19:34:45
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You can use some filters to find pirates in your area. In menue galaxy choose filter 'pirates on coordinates' and press apply filters.
9 June 2017 08:34:01
9 June 2017 08:34:01


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