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why spend money on this game!?

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my son "ajhcraft" just got a space wanderer for getting 6 pirates, so he invited me "shane" on a battle union against "snfaya" battle link above.
but when we got there a bug made my ships defend snfaya! I am not allied with snfaya so can not defend!
I am allied with ajhcraft so should not attack!
but from the report you can see that our ships turned on each other!
I shane lost 1 stealth fighter, 7 cruisers, 1 space wanderer.
my son ajhcraft lost 54 fighters, 214 cruisers, 1 space wanderer.
I have complained once and luxeon has been put on it but has done nothing I have also sent him a pm message but no answer
so why spend an more money on this game if I will just loose everything
I have bought x500 crystals for me then x500 for my son another x1000 for me plus another x500 for my son! why spend another penny supporting a broken game with no response from admin
19 September 2015 11:11
19 September 2015 11:11
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Indeed it is a broken game. Some procedures and rules are thrown into this game without wisdom! For example: The Providers, Planetoids, Harvesters do not increase resources production whilst flying in save mode!  Why to invest money into the game and buy those technologies if the Providers, Planetoids and Harvesters cannot be protected!
19 May 2016 03:38
19 May 2016 03:38


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