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Captcha, doesn't disappear -.-

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just now, while browsing through galaxies it happened again that i encountered a captcha-code to verify that i am human^^ ---> nothing unusual, happened before and probably will happen again...

this time was different though, upon entering the captcha it gave me acode and asked me to copy+paste it into the space below, which i did... the captcha stayed and i couldn't continue browsing the galaxy, what happened, what do i need to do to actually continue, please help me!


also... everytime i try to go into galaxy again the captcha appears again... tried to change it to the "vocal"-mode (enter what you hear) and got to the "copy+paste code" window... again captcha didn't disappear...
24 July 2015 21:17
24 July 2015 21:17
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28 July 2015 12:45
28 July 2015 12:45


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