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Quote: riker
m leaveing over 50 attacks aday i get i can't build up enough to upgrade or do eny think players same power as me but thay wipe out everythink with no loss
Do you hide your ships and resources?
Topic: Deploy not working | 5 April 2024 02:32:35
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UncleanOne, perhaps I can clarify. She's talking about two different fleets. she transported resources to her ripper, and sometime after the fleet returned, it apparently flew back to the ripper by itself, as if she had created a delayed fleet sending script. As for the other "fleet", she had built a metal harvester, but noticed that her metal production hadn't gone up. I told her to look in resources, and it wasn't shown in the list of resource and energy production sources. I had her check her fleet sending page, but it wasn't in the list of ships on the planet either. It was when she scrolled down that she noticed it had moved to her ripper without her doing anything, and as she watched it started flying back to the planet it was built on. Sometime afterwards, it flew to the ripper AGAIN.
Topic: Human Quest 11 - Telepathist | 14 November 2023 20:38:57
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You need to approach the station in free flight. Send a small cargo ship into high orbit on defense order, then click the enter free flight button on the fleet sending page. Aim it at the station in local coords and have it fly to the station. Contact with the station will occur automatically once you get close enough.