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Topic: Pirate resown very low | 8 September 2022 18:49:42
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Hello. I can´t agree more to DjSoulJammer,

This game is becoming more and more unplayable. Even spending hydarians.

This game company should understand that there are lots of games that provide a very decent game experience for unexpensive amounts of money.

I am sure there are enough premium users to provide a steady income. I am also sure there are users that spend unreasonable amounts of money trying to become really powerful. Not having the company income report at hand, I am quite sure income is more than enough to have a decent working server and maintain a team of devs to make upgrades to it.

The graphics of this game are way below industry standards. Any AI is nonexistent. One could even think that the "enemy AI" are the poor noobs that believe that just by pirate hunting can get somewhere but recycled by money-paying players.

Maybe you don´t care and you just want to leave this game die. In that case, you´re in the right path.