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24 Dec 2023, 21:00

My gravity gun satelite is being shot by CHRISTMAS OPS, but I managed to get outside of his gravity gun beam so that I was not taking damage from his gravity gun anymore. After 1 minute of escaping fire, I was meant to regain my full speed flying in local co-ordinates but this did not happen. Even after I around 30 minutes, I still was moving at a super slow speed even though I was not being hit by a gravity gun.

After 1 hr, he logged back on, re-aimed his gun as my station, and now I have to try and crawl out of gun beam again.

Could you please check or confirm that if i'm out of gravity gun fire for 1 minute, my station should be able to fly at full speed again?

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Hi all,

a recent game change took away a big risk in lexxing Zerg planets and objects.

3 Mar 2023 13:26:28
Lexx cannot devour buildings that have been poisoned

With this change, Lexx no longer target poisoned buildings at all. So currently have no chance of dying to poison. The lexx simply target other non poisoned buildings now.

Poisoning buildings protects them from lexxing but actually it removes the ability for Zerg to scare away lexx attacks or kill lexx with poison.

Zerg was already vulnerable to lexx as their building a can be fully eaten and there is no way to protect like toss shield battery and Terran fortification can. With no threat of poisoning lexx, zerg will become even more low risk lexxing targets. Was this intended as a nerf to zergs?

It takes a lot of effort and cost to poison buildings, and it only lasts for a few months. It is very expensive. Neural core also can't be protected.

I suggest a change be made so lexx CAN randomly target poisoned buildings (like before) but poisoned buildings do not lose levels when eaten and the lexx dies when it eats a poisoned building.

Kind regards,
Topic: Accumulated amort tax each year | 30 September 2022 22:24:41
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To encourage players that have been with the game for many years but don't really play anymore, I propose the below

Once a year add accumulated amortisation to each account equal to the value in gas of the accounts points, multiplied by the number of years they have been in the game.


For a 2M point player who has been playing for 2 years, they would get 4M gas accumulated amort added to their account (and hence need to use Resource exchange to remove the gas penalty)
For a 10M point player who has been playing for 5 years, they would get 50M gas accumulated amort added to their account (and hence need to use Resource exchange to remove the gas penalty)

For an active player of these sizes, this 'tax' is not too burdensome, but for inactive players, it will encourage them to play actively or leave (or just stay around to chat). Doesn't effect those players that dont fly fleets
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Hi all,

I have a complaint about just having to watch bigger players from the big alliances like CZT come and crash our gates and alstations (and even recycle all the debris).

I, and many other in our alliance work hard and enjoy very much to make moons and build infrastructure and dunkles, but when large players come with huge battle OPS with over 1 billion structure, huge defences and big fleets, we can't do anything to them. They can destroy in 1 second what we worked hard over weeks and months to build.

E.g. Tvister OPS, 2.7 billion structure, 9M defence turrets, 6.7 mill fleet can kill any infrastructure of player greater than 2.5 mill points. GEORGY battle OPS is even more amazing with 8 bill structure.

I don't mind an uneven fight. But its so unbalanced I cant even fight back a little bit. Just sit and watch and wait until they get bored or go away.

It too unfair of a fight and we are powerless to avoid this. Its demoralising and feels like sanctioned bullying!