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Topic: Fleet Protection FAS | 3 February 2023 17:45:03
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so your admins love to state that HC is real currency and valued on real currency. If I hired a nurse/doctor and they could only do a small fraction of the job I hired them to do I could sue them for my money back.
Your system charged me for the protector!!!!
I think that every player in the game should demand their money back. This is because of the changes made in the way the protector functions.

P.S. it is a totalitarian ruling class that charges for you to be able to speak..
Topic: Fleet Protection FAS | 2 February 2023 06:50:44
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I am going to complain. (although nithing will come of it except to make the bullies laugh.

I wan the HC that it cost me for the levels of preticion that I bought back. I paid for and got somehting I wnated, but now the Developers/Admins have changed what i paid for and if does not work. that is FRAUD.

this is what i am going to start with

"Hi procter/dev. so I want the HC back that i used to buy the protection officer. I bought that HC with real money and now you have changed what I paied for so that it is only a very small fraction of the effect and no longer as good as it was when I bought it!!!. That is unfair and called a bait and switch tactic. this is illegal and FRAUD. how do I go about getting my HC reimbursed. Thank you. If necessary i might have to report this web site to the BBB and any other agencies i can think of for committing FRAUD. Actually i wan my money back!!"
Topic: Fleet Protection FAS | 31 January 2023 17:37:39
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This IS very frustrating; I spent a LOT of time and resources including some real money to get my protection up to the point i could store a reasonable pirate hunting fleet on the planet and not have to worry about losing it to everybody.
The game admis just took away ALL that effort. They continually nerf the game for the big players, and it is unfair to keep making changes to the way the game plays. harvesting pirates is now worthless.
The admin just want us to spend money and they keep making decisions to try to force us to fight each other and those that do not have a good enough fleet can not recover without paying money for it.
Thay allow cheaters and make the game impossible to play without putting money into the game, and then Thay take away the gains you make by arbitrarily changing the rules!!! this is even though you are playing by the rules and put HOURS of time into this in an effort to actually hold your own.!!

It is like Thay do not want outsiders to play and have fun, This is their own little game where Thay can rewrite the rules so only thay can win. i remember when i was a little kid and was paying kickball with a bunch of other kids. the kid who owned the ball was not winning so he quit and took the ball away with him.. that is the admins. HAHAHAH
I will never put another penny/ruble into this game and will probably quit because that is what thay have driven me to do.
Topic: resource merchant now 3 HC's per trade | 7 July 2020 15:18:56
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the 3 HP cost is designed to make you pay real cash for this game. it make the 100 you get for premium look more attractive. every change they make is designed to make you pay real cash. that is the only objective of the developers. not game enjoyment. Here is a comparison. I spend 14$ USD for Elder Scrolls online ESO. that game has a HUGE world and gaming area, with quest, skills growth, personal growth as well as leveling the charter. This Flat world has personal growth by resource gathering, and they want 18$ USD for a month of play. with a Fraction of the game possibilities. They continue to take away growth that is not cost passed so that players who do not pay will not be able to grow. Oh and ESO does have a free to play option that only slows some growth. you still can achieve anything in ESO. but this game if you run out of HC you dead because you can not get gas (vespene) to fleet save. I have been selling off some of my fleet just so I can get vespene so I can hunt for more resources, so I can get more gas. The end result will be me selling all my fleet which ends the game!!! or running out of Vespene and not being able to fleet save and then loosing all my fleet which ends the game!!! well that is my literally my .02 cents worth because 1000 HO = 20$ USD so .02 = 1 HC
Topic: The production has been reduced by about 5 times. | 9 May 2020 17:12:27
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I was enjoying the game but, wow this is just an attempt go get players to but resources. will I think i will never do that. as matter of fact I think I am going to quit

Thanks for frustrating and aggerating me.