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Topic: Poor business | 27 April 2020 00:29:55
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I never wrote in the forum before, and probably this is the last time I post a comment..

I just wanted to say to admin that the way you manage the game is making it a disservice. In many ways this is the best strategy game I have played. Especially the length and strategy of battle.. Not too long, not too short.. Not too easy and not too complicated. Also, there are many layers in the game so it is hard to get bored... 


You keep making changes to the game that put people off investing in the project. All the changes you have made have served so that new players can never catch up, or even have a chance to develop strong accounts. 

Cost of hc that keeps increasing, cost of officers, cost of experimental research... Cost of research in general.. Some older people gave been given these and paid with peanuts. New players have to exchange gold for hc...

The only way to make hc is hunting pirates .. And of course hunting pirates is the only way to grow fast. And of course you decided to kill that.

Why would any new player stick around? Why would any player who is ambitious and serious about gaming would stay here to play? Only people who don't care about growing fast might stay.. But these people do not care to invest money in the game.

So you lose money

By killing off hunting pirates you also decrease gaming time for most players. If a player cannot hunt because of pirate aggression, then the main other choice is to grow by becoming a farmer. Farmers spend less time online, they are less likely to get hooked to a game, and are less likely to invest money.. And of course even if they do stay they have no reason to buy most officers.

Again, you lose money

Of course, by killing off hunting it means that building infrastructure is impossible for a new player... Making moon, making gates, space stations, etc.. All needs more resources that can be gathered from mines.. No serious gamer will want to wait 5 years to build a set of gates.. Go back to previous point, serious gamers who could spend money will not bother with this game. 

Finally strategy games mean you have to plan ahead in order to build your account... Such big changes that happen all the time means that plans die before you complete any.. This is frustrating for someone who likes to play strategy games.

It is a shame that such a well designed game keeps getting spoiled by bad bad changes. Sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing! Just let players go ahead with their gaming.

Personally I do not like to be a punch bag in any game.. I like to feel I have a chance to grow and put up a good fight. I want to play a game where I feel I stand a chance if I play well. And I don't mind spending a small amount of money every month to enjoy a game..

But after all this change with hunting, my strategy plans go to waste. Again. I will do as you wish. Become a farmer.. Log in once every day to save resources for this account and terran 'greeno'. Of course, this type of playing is not worth me spending any more money. And soon enough I will probably be bored and switch to another game.

Really guys, you could be having lots of clients because you have a good product. But the way you manage the product is poor, and so your business follows the same path.