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Topic: What to do with comets? | 9 August 2022 22:40:10
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Topic: black hole web | 8 August 2022 03:26:30
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A game function like this already exists, called wormholes

And in a way, blackholes also exists, the entire system of planets disappears along with the sun)
Topic: What to do with comets? | 3 August 2022 13:23:11
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Free flight option for the fleet , I only know it works with a single unit with defense order at high orbit , i have not tried/tested any other method , grouped units multiple fleets etc
there is also no option to write coordinates in free flight
I think there is a bug with visiblity though
I sent a unit to high orbit and the comet i was able to find the fleet harvesting it and my cargo ship defending it
This is the outcome

Topic: What to do with comets? | 2 August 2022 22:23:49
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Recycling order does not give you free flight
Topic: What to do with comets? | 2 August 2022 00:58:52
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Send the collectors to orbit , defense or recycling with no return order
From there look in the fleets (green/orange/red numbers) there should be an icon , click this and it will take you to 3D flight ,click on the 3D fleet , then look in the box to lower right, there should be an option to write those coordinates
Topic: Planet/Object stat value | 4 July 2022 08:30:31
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Hello , I would like to know the total stat value of my Planets/Objects
Can you please add the stat value of the infrastructure, perhaps somewhere this feature alreadly exists and i have not seen it

For example here , if the word is too long it can be shorted to "Infra:"

Or perhaps here, at least somewhere there should be someting about the stat value of the object

Topic: Infrastructure Medal (Miner) | 1 July 2022 14:31:43
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Hello, when i look at this, they look like medals

They seam to be medals but incomplete

The three main experience stats are Infrastructure, Raids , Battle experience
there are various combat medals , a raiding medal, but nothing for infrastructure

I believe they should exist as medals, it will show progression in the profile
here is an image to give you an idea on that progression
I have this for a long time, It's as she wrote , station runs out of fuel , cannon changes direction ,Probably a visual bug.

It's like this all the time, Run out of fuel, transport gas to the station , go to the station, cannon view , the cannon is not visually aiming at the planet/object , infact the opposite direction.
From here, if you go to the overview, the view then resets to original position/view