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Topic: Новые идеи для внедрения в игру | 29 November 2023 18:30:48
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Rename the project, YuriCraft , so it seems to me 50% his anyways 🤷‍♂️
Topic: Новая видимость | 2 October 2023 04:02:02
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Quote: goldroodger
It's possible to complete
Very cryptic, requires a lot of brain power
I've thrown three stations at it so far, perhaps I'll have another look there 🤔
Topic: Ship Components | 29 September 2023 18:38:16
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It's relatively new, there are blueprints you can find from the expedition, on them is a list of items that are needed to construct the module on said blueprint.
Topic: Facebook login | 29 September 2023 01:06:21
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Compensation is a bit awkward for the administration, at least vacation mode can be done.
Topic: PotY | 29 September 2023 01:02:30
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The idea is to create more competitions between the lower ranks, I'm personally not interested in the competition it's self.
I think it would make a difference towards the more active players fighting up and down the ladder.
Perhaps those at the bottom will try to move up, play that little bit more, buy just a little bit more, kill a little bit more.

An extra idea, You could add mini prizes such as tokens, it doesn't have to be much, but to create an incentive.
Topic: Кружок Экспо-задротов | 28 September 2023 08:34:37
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1 джаггернаут, 1 научный корабль
Первый - 2 часа
Второй - 1 час
кто-нибудь подскажет, можно ли их найти с предметов, или только с планеты, кирка, палка-копалка, Воздушок
Topic: Attaque démesurée | 27 September 2023 12:57:30
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Ill give you a hint: The fleet should always be flying, the equivalent to vespene amortization. everyone got slack when hidden object's was introduced.
Attack and move on, fly elsewhere, be quick about it, do not backtrack.
Topic: Attaque démesurée | 27 September 2023 00:40:16
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Hello Wargod,

I have seen you on the main page battles a few times.

With that said, I think you don't fully understand the game, it's functions, quirks etc. The main thing is fleet discovery, once the enemy has knowledge of it, it's no longer safe, regardless of how you hide it, there are was to play it safe though.
The difficulty level of this game is extreme, not everything is straight forward, even with explanations.

My thoughts are: I don't see how adding an attack limitation will improve your ability to play it safe.
Topic: Опять про отр | 13 September 2023 03:01:39
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Two innovations, fog of war with its rules of visibility, and stealth, before this there was no real motivation.

And now everyone wants stealth

Nika always said, death to small)))))
Topic: PotY | 8 September 2023 22:36:08
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Robie7979, The question was to you, does it interest you?

RedBarmaley, I was working with the theme top 100, it would be more intresting to see players rise and fall down the ladder, rather than the slow movements of the top 10

you dont need to make the list that big, as a compromise add their information.

for example

Topic: PotY | 8 September 2023 11:41:34
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Hello senate,

Would it interest you to see the nomination lists of 10 expanded to 100?
Topic: Новая видимость | 8 September 2023 11:21:35
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ewww yuck, whats that smell? the recipe stinks!)

im 4 years in the game, between 3 accounts, destroyed 3 objects, lost one gate, and two OPS

How many asteroids and moons are requied to turn it into recipe dust, rejoice))))
Topic: imideate reversal | 21 August 2023 22:35:10
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The tribune asks the senate to write proposals, clearly, like black in white, articulate the writing so that there are no misunderstandings. Do not write hastily in fit of rage after each change, Think about what you are writing otherwise you make spelling/grammar errors and the essence of the topic is lost.

I voted on the essence of this topic, cancel fog of war innovation.

From the start this was never going to happen, just wanted to see what would happen xD
Sorry you in dream land, even if this was introduced, it will be good for a month, then the cutting will begin and you will have less than before the introduction.
Pfft, you have the gall to ask for some kind of discount? Disappointed that you have to pay the same as everyone else 🤷‍♂️

Half your ideas have been introduced instantly and analy, turning the game more sour each time.
Topic: Pirate resown very low | 12 April 2023 06:33:43
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Quote: UncleanOne
We're okay with using fleet to steal resources from objects, but we don't like fleets themselves being just piñatas for someone to break

Counterintuitive that you have a competition just for this
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well the balance used to be that terran had gates, but we know what happend there
what you want can already be on OPS, and with more fields than a moon

be patient, apparently they are developing modules or something, who knows when we will see it though)
Topic: Announcement: making comet catching more difficult | 7 March 2023 00:37:37
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Hello welcome to xcraft, the administration thanks you for your donation, it's advertised as a free to play game after all xD

On the Russian part of the forum the administration wrote that this was his vision with the development of comets before its introduction

BTW the current plot is Episode 5: Era of decline
I want it, and I want it for free!
Perverting the game for his own benefit?
A freebie was already given (weapon tech)
Could ask for the addition of experimental research, and that's about it.
Topic: What to do with comets? | 9 August 2022 22:40:10
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