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I see the same date of contamination for several Queens sent in different date and time.
Also, the "Call back" link is getting out of border when browser window is small both Xerj and Human skin.

Please fix these two issues.
Topic: OPS with delivery: update of the 6th quest | 28 June 2019 21:11
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Topic: Now Defense requires energy | 12 June 2019 05:09
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At the OPS captured by pirates and on the special planets, the defense does not require energy.

Do you mean that defense consume energy when OPS captured by human being player, and it does not, when OPS is still under control of non-playing character (NPC, bot, pirate)?
Special planets = All first planets of arms [X:1:1] - is that what you mean? Why it is not written in the description here
Topic: Human Quest 12. Telepatist - What to do? | 15 April 2019 19:19
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You need to enable 3d animation via Options > Interface and find/fly to that station on the Overview page.
Topic: INFRASTRUCTURE NOT-UPDATING | 4 April 2019 05:15
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Could you please open the Overview page and click on the factory image right under your avatar.
The Infrastructure window must pop up. Please share with us screenshot of this window.
Topic: How can I destroy Sun Temple? | 1 April 2019 04:30
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1) it give resources production bonus if you keep developing your planet. And it start taking resources once you stop developing the planet.
2) benefit when you develop planet, and does negative effect, when planet is not developed.
3) No cost. Only quest completion.
4) Fresh colony - the one where you gonna do a lot of development.
As I know, only buildings construction considered as planet development.
Topic: Human Quest 7 | 25 March 2019 16:48
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11081985:16:3 - this is Earth
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It is not possible to build Missile silo or Nuclear silo on a moon turned into Quay, but the Starship factory menu still offers Nuclear missile, and the Defense menu offers Anti-ballistic and Interplanetary missiles.
Missiles should not be displayed in the list since it is not possible to build silos
It should be possible to build silos.
Topic: temp on planets and there resources | 19 March 2019 03:17
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Hi RedRum,

Temperature does not make any difference for production of Mineral mine or Crystal lake. It does make difference for energy consumption by Crystal lake - consumption is less on warmer planets.
Topic: How i can play with Toss ? | 16 March 2019 14:05
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As I know, you need to obtain secret code in the quest that can be opened after 100k points. So keep developing your account.
Topic: Do Pirates/NPC's fight by the same rules? | 14 March 2019 20:06
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Yes, they fight the same rules. All pirates have Admiral of level 10, which means that their armor, shields, and attack is 50% stronger. Did you consider this in your simulation?
Topic: Tutorial | 19 January 2019 04:22
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Most questions can be answered on the forum. As for mentor, change to someone else. I would recommend Tii, he is pretty active in this game.
Topic: Strategy choices | 19 December 2018 03:29
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That is already available as experimental research - you can improve firepower, shields, speed, cargo capacity, etc with hydarian crystals individually for each ship type.
Topic: all pirates have admiral 10? | 15 December 2018 13:37
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Quote: Widowmaker
i just lost 1/3 of my fleet using the same amount of forces i normally would without loss when attacking a similar pirate fleet

I suggest you to create heaviest ships that your technologies allow you. This way losses are not so big or completely excluded. However, you gonna burn a lot of vespen.
Topic: all pirates have admiral 10? | 14 December 2018 19:02
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Hah, I found the notification  all pirates have admiral 10? see at the end of the post.
Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 14 December 2018 18:53
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I do not mean to offend women. I love women! But they indeed have some sacred logic that I cannot understand sometimes.
Regarding the announcements branch, as I understand, any player can remove topics there, so it does not make sense for admins to post anything important in the Announcements branch.
Topic: All players U like the warm up change ?? | 14 December 2018 17:10
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Many of you complaining that big top 100 players benefit from warm-up time. Could you please describe in which way exactly top 100 benefit from it?
Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 6 December 2018 18:32
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MrX2018, Victoria is a woman, so there must be some sacred woman's logic in posting announcements in the Balance branch :-)
Topic: Announcement of changes in missions | 5 December 2018 03:10
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You would not play this game for two years if they support top100 only.
Topic: Debris drop from satellites increased 60 times | 4 December 2018 17:19
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Shadowkat, I guess, by satellites Victoria means moons and other entities based on moon, not Solar Satellites. So, stay cool.