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so, players like: TequilaDidj, RoboKAKTYC and mirrorrim who after leaving our alliance entered CZT to protect their infrastructure from tehb destruction and became the greatest enemies of the UN are "like" your players since the beginning of the server??? expelled for their correct views on the Russian occupation of Ukraine
SyrusLark, Graale, Fafnir and many others, all ex-UN respectively
I understand that everyone is fighting in their own way at a given moment as best they can and I appreciate that
and now I should heal my head
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It is somewhat significant that after each of our wars for the last 4 years (rat nest, hollow Diefast, big tehb destroyer and so on) you always peacefully take over a part of our territory and as the "heavenly people" (Serbs) you declare the same area "the hearth of the ages".
and it is even more significant that the moment when the small alliances fight back and find a way to make the game as equal as possible, the rules are instantly changed... and of course, not in favor of the small ones.

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like i said before: it will stop when i get those 5 lost ops back from you!! the decision is yours!!

ah, that key part of the ex-UN player's infrastructure is hurting you the most now
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New insignia of the profile

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