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TOP: 405
Points: 4 606 922


Capital Planet:



Position [149:779:3]


64 Infrastructure
17 Raids
57 Battle experience


Fleet award «Green droid»Medal which resets the depletion of Vespene refineryPremiumFleet award «Recycler»Fleet award «Small cargo»Fleet award «Juggernaut»Thanksgiving day ISpace experienceLeonov medalPotY supporter medalChose the side of Santa ClausMedal which resets the depletion of crystal lakeExploding space pumpkin3Better luck next timeAncient crimson stoneFleet award «Sower»Fleet award «Spy-fly»Fleet award «Solar satellite»Fleet award «Devourer»Fleet award «Reaver»Fleet award «Fighter»Fleet award «Scout»BusinessmanFleet award «Overlord»Fleet award «Shuttle»Flawless victoryAtreides talismanOrdos talismanHarkonnen talismanGagarin`s awardPotY supporter medalAward 1kk stats pointsFleet award «Planetoid»Good fightRecycle master IINeed for speedRecycle master IPlanet raiderHuman`s capital key (Toiletdude)
Full name: Josh
Home page: ☜❶☞ BATTLESTAR ☜❶☞
Registration date: 27 Feb 2019 14:15
Last visit to the forum: 14 Jul 2020 05:37
Home address:
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Just here to kill some pirates, play with friends and maybe save the universe.
Here to help but also new so always welcome help and advice.

Просто здесь, чтобы убить некоторых пиратов, поиграть с друзьями и, возможно, спасти вселенную.
Здесь, чтобы помочь, но и новый, поэтому всегда добро пожаловать помощь и совет.

Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.


Reputation 33

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BATTLESTAR stamp on his profile but beeing a coward spy.
Someone should be realy proud to have a son,
who is to coward to fight selve.
And try to send only other people for his fights.

Post comment 08.07.2020 19:20


Who is fighting for me? I have shadow and I conversations from when I helped him to when he started to try and spy for you. Need to calm down love and realize it not me you mad at.

09.07.2020 3:33

Realy ?
you say to other people you are me ?
I am a girl. but you wear the dresses ! ! !

Post comment 08.07.2020 19:14


You sent a kid to spy on me and ask questions about my accounts, I was joking and said I was you, if you too stupid to get joke not my fault sweetie.

09.07.2020 3:31


Post comment 20.03.2020 8:30

❇🌺🏵️🌼 ❇ ♥☀️♥ JOSHUA ♥☀️♥ ❇🌼🏵️🌺 ❇
❤ ♫ ❤ ♫ ❤.• *¨`*•.. ¸♥☼♥¸. •*¨`*•.♫ ❤ ♫ ❤ ♫ ❤
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*✿✳️☀️♥☼♥ Alliance: BATTLESTAR ♥☼♥☀️✳️✿*
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❤ ♫ ❤ ♫ ❤.• *¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸. •*¨`*•.♫ ❤ ♫ ❤ ♫ ❤
⚜️🌺 🌼🏵️☘️✳️♥☀️ღ⚜️ღ ☀️♥✳️☘️🏵️ 🌼 🌺 ⚜️

Post comment 15.03.2020 19:59

thank you very much.I'm one step closer to dunkla .)))

Post comment 14.03.2020 13:12

благодарю за покупку

Post comment 13.03.2020 16:10

Danke ;)

Post comment 27.01.2020 10:16

С Новым 2020 годом!!! Здоровья, Удачи и Благополучия!!!

Post comment 15.01.2020 1:00

Thanks for the help +++

Post comment 11.01.2020 14:43

Мясным блюдом ты был, им ты и остался! Удачи в игре шашлык на шампуре! 😁

Post comment 26.12.2019 9:50



26.12.2019 17:01

Thank for stopping by. I has been a long time since I have gotten this many battle points at one time. You got lucky too...to get away with you tramps unscathed. It was fun.

Post comment 20.12.2019 11:10


Yeah, we tend to steer away from only attacking defenses or fleets that cant fight back (cargo, recyclers, colony). That is where if I saw your fleet gone I would have turned around, and why I pulled back fleet and retreated after killing the stuff that shoots. I glad you found it exciting, was 3 million gas to take that long walk around block lol.

28.12.2019 8:30

I would disagree about the unfortunate part of having high espionage level...I find it rather fortunate...lol. But the tramp situation...I sent about 6K fighters at your receiving tramps coordinates and was waiting for you to start sending your fleet through before attacking them. Then I jumped the gun and attacked too soon.... a rookie mistake. That's the way I saw it.
Not sure if you intentionally did not destroy my solar satellites, but it you did then perhaps you got some good karma back with the trampolines. Either way it was exciting.

27.12.2019 9:21

Unfortunately having that high of a spy level blocks me from finding out if you moved or not, you got 2000 points so I might settle down with the cockiness. Pretty sure me knowing to wait to jump for attacks is what saved my tramps, then hiding in inactive planet next to you for day to wait for gate. https://xcraft.ru/battle/index.php?battle_id=c13bde3c87d98ee5b1138cf52619bc67

26.12.2019 17:00


Post comment 21.11.2019 23:24

I am for diplomacy! +++

Post comment 05.11.2019 21:06

Гандон в игре! Гандон по жизни! Всех благ еблан.

Post comment 13.10.2019 15:44


RATiBOR_13 - за такие оскорбление - бан на год дают!
©️DIVERSANT - межрассовые оскорбления тоже !

05.11.2019 21:12

You so right, I have no idea what I am talking about since I was there, why you have to be so salty Diversant? I beat your ass multiple times, just say thank you sir and move on dude.

31.10.2019 21:41

Да это чёрт не русский! Он даже не понимает что ты ему написал.))) У них менталитет пидерастический! Что для нас предательство и подлость, то для них ум и хитрость. Чуть позже займусь этим чепушилой. )))

31.10.2019 2:24

You had a ship where the jouann was spawning, you had people in the group telling you the jouann was coming and then the jouann actually landed and killed our scout ships and only after all that you recalled lashes from expedition. I think you just slow mate, and I sorry.

13.10.2019 21:09

one of THE BEST !

Post comment 12.10.2019 19:52

Thank you for trade+

Post comment 09.10.2019 14:12


Post comment 18.09.2019 13:23

спасибо за покупку

Post comment 15.09.2019 13:36

+За покупку+

Post comment 12.09.2019 9:21

За покупку+

Post comment 22.08.2019 15:16


Post comment 07.08.2019 16:35


Post comment 04.08.2019 15:31


Post comment 31.07.2019 18:58

Toiletdude is a good friend, with high moral standards and a sense of humor

Post comment 31.07.2019 9:25

Awesome crafting player, i wish you all the best!

Post comment 27.07.2019 9:13