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StaryjLis HUMANS


TOP: 9 582
Points: 123 974

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7 Infrastructure
20 Raids
28 Battle experience


Award 100k stats pointsFleet award «Cruiser»Fleet award «Science vessel»Atreides talismanOrdos talismanHarkonnen talismanLeonov medalRecycle master IIChose the side of Santa ClausMedal which resets the depletion of metal mineWormhole explorerCrazed collectorSpace experienceGood fightFirst class awardNeed for speedBusinessmanRecycle master IGagarin`s awardKeymakerPlanet raiderHuman`s capital key (StaryjLis)
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Registration date: 4 June 2017 12:45
Last visit to the forum: 23 August 2019 05:28
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Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.

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You are my favorite trader. Thank you for the awesome deals you post.

Post comment 18.02.2019 3:15


not always! offers are of two types, excellent and just good, so that when excellent buy shelves do not remain empty :)

21.02.2019 20:17


Post comment 27.09.2017 8:35

Надежному другу)))

Post comment 12.09.2017 22:12

За приятное общение!!!

Post comment 09.08.2017 16:50

за адекватность и доброе ощение

Post comment 25.07.2017 18:04

и тебе удачи+

Post comment 24.07.2017 17:28

за доброе знакомство

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Post comment 16.07.2017 10:10

да непарься ты он просто в кнопках запутался видать продвинутый очень

29.07.2017 15:31

даже не пересекались не каким боком.хоть плюс хоть минус,не понятно

21.07.2017 12:55