Vacation mode
You can go on vacation for 1 Hydarian crystal per day and 1000 Hydarian Crystals for activation to protect your objects from attacks during your long absence. VM can be activated, when there are no buildings or units under construction, no research under way and no active fleets in flight. When you are on vacation mode, you cannot be attacked. But if attack started before you activated VM, it will be completed. If an object has received damage from a gravity gun within one minute before activating vacation mode, the damage to that object will not stop. VM cannot defend from nuclear strike of the rocket, which lost its course. And also vacation mode cannot defend from destroying of your objects in solar systems, which are attacking by order ‘solar destruction’. Vacation mode cannot protect your satellites from destruction with gravity wave, which appears when planet is destroyed. The VM will set resources production to 0. When you exit VM, do not forget to switch the production on manually. The VM lasts 48 hours minimum; you cannot exit it until this time is over. After exiting it, you will not be able to switch VM on again in 24 hours. If you are in Vacation Mode for longer than 7 days your asteroids, planetary pirate stations and temples are forcibly reset to zero resources and can be attacked or captured by other players. You automatically exit the VM if you do not have 1 Hydarian crystal on the account during the daily write-off (at a midnight on the server time). The "outlaw" status timer is suspended for the duration of the vacation mode.