Jump from coordinates to coordinates within a radius 1000 * level (ckm) for 500000 / level + 1 Hydarian crystal. During the teleportation, the entire fleet at the object is moved.

The jump takes place at medium orbit local coordinates. If there are satellites in the area to which you are transporting the station (moons, entities, other stations), then immediately after the jump it may happen collision with them.

Teleportation requires preparation for 5 * (1 + 1 / root of station level) hours, divided by 2 for Tosses and Relicts stations. Each Gravity Gun shot adds (20 + 2 * [attacker's technology level]) seconds to the station teleport preparation time.

After a station is successfully teleported, it takes a minimum of (7 / teleporter level) days to recover. During 1/10 of this time, the station cannot move in local coordinates.

For tosses this ability works only on stations created from moons and on relict stations.

Subscribing to Premium increases satellite teleportation distances by 10%.