Rules of visibility
Visibility is the display of an object on the galaxy map with the ability to send a fleet to it. It can be enhanced by detection technology, sensor spore colonies, or a fleet beacon.

If a coordinate is within our visibility, we can see all objects and fleets located on that coordinate, except hidden ones.

A hidden object can be seen in line of sight in local coordinates from a distance of up to 1000 of its diameter. Free flight can be used to approach and detect the object. For example, a hidden fleet with a diameter of 1 km and a hidden station with a diameter of 50 km are 10 000 km apart: the fleet can see the station, but the station cannot see the fleet.

Hidden objects are comets before they are first seen with direct visibility, stations or fleets with a special stealth ability.

Each shot of a hidden gravity gun makes the station visible for 24 hours to the owner of the object the gravity gun is firing at.

The visibility of the object in the fleets panel reveals the visibility of the stealth satellite. Visibility by the sensor phalanx of the fleet and using the fleet reveal does not reveal the visibility of the hidden station.

Visibility extends to allies (alliance members and friends), including hidden objects if their owner allows it. However, your friend's friend will not have access to your visibility, and your friend will not have visibility of your alliance members.

It is possible to send a fleet to high orbit beyond visibility. A fleet arriving in high orbit will open visibility of objects located in local coordinates up to 1000 of their diameters.