Orbital pirate station
OPS is an orbital pirate station. On these satellites pirates perform illegal experiments with hybridization of different races' achievements, and also hoard stolen goods.

OPS, owned by the pirate, usually appear near populated planets to dominate the resources for a certain time, depending on the points of the pirate owner:
2000 points - 30 days
20 000 points - 60 days
100 000 points - 90 days
500 000 points - 120 days
1 000 000 points - 150 days
5 000 000 points - 180 days
10 000 000 points - 360 days
If the pirate has 500 000 points or more, such satellite can be captured using the Colonization order. To capture, you must win the battle with forces on the satellite. Stations already claimed by other players can be captured the same way.
Any strong player can colonise a player-controlled object by ignoring the newbie protection if the owner has less than 25 000 points.
The status of "Outlaw" does not allow attacking or colonizing the object of a strong player.
Stations abandoned by players will disappear after 7 days. Stations of blocked players are removed within a week.

It is not possible to colonise an OPS that is linked by a quest to another player or is on the Digital Asset Register.

Once added to the Digital Asset Register, the object can be disposed of as you wish (transfer, donation, purchase and sale).
When devouring the buildings of this object, the Lexx will not receive resources.