Fleets in the occupation have their own features:
- fleet in the occupation of the object, can be sent with another mission
- diplomacy and newbie protection act on this order and if they change to a status that would make it impossible to fly into occupation, the occupying fleet will automatically terminate the occupation and fly back. If a return is not possible due to lack of return coordinates or fuel, the fleet will be moved to a high orbit
- different fleets of the same player with a given order in low orbit are merged into one, taking the starting point from the fleet that arrived in low orbit earlier, but the last arrived fleet extends the holding time if it is longer than the original time
- the fleet in the occupation is not visible on the map of the galaxy and can only be detected by spying on the occupied object
- the occupying fleet is visible to the owner of the object in the fleets-flight
- the occupied objects are marked in the object owner's Empire tab
- the fleet in the occupation sees all the fleets flying to the occupied object with orders that activate the fight
- the points of the occupation fleet are counted in destroying the fleet in shreds
- the fleet flying on coordinates remembers only its last coordinates and tries to return to them in case of order cancellation or end of holding time
- You can "unbind" the fleet from the launch object by sending the fleet from its coordinates on any order and then cancel it
- you can remove the occupation with a battle using a defense order.