A special mission that can be performed by Lexx after your swarm beats all defenders of the object. Any building that is not sufficiently fortified and can fit into Lexx`s cargo sacs will be devoured: 30% of metal and minerals spent on construction will be turned into resources that Lexx will carry back. When a building is devoured, items in that building whose number is greater than the remaining level of the building are also devoured. Building for devouring selected randomly by 1 on each Lexx (maximum number of buildings can be increased with the help of Celestial Shadow).
If the structure of the consumed building level is larger than Lexx can absorb, the building will be destroyed with a probability of 10% to (sum of the consumed level in metal and minerals * 100) / ((value of the level in metal and minerals) * (30 / 100))%.
Lexx doesn't get resourses during devouring of Temple, PPS and OPS.
First levels of the buildings on the satellites, which cannot be devoured: Insectoid Entity, Dunkleosteus, Jump Gate, Quay, Alliance Station, Space Station, SuperStation, Gravity Gun, Tribunal, Powerous of Tosses, Armorous of Tosses, Attackus of Tosses, Shieldus of Tosses.
Devouring structures for which poisoning has been completed is unavailable for Lexx.
It's impossible to devour the objects of a scene player.