Alliance Network
Several stations of the same alliance are able to join the network. This allows not only to increase the production, but also to carry out faster and more economical flights. The alliance network center is created around the bank of the alliance, and is being expanded at the expense of other stations. The network is only started from an alstation (its equivalent of another race), which must be located at the coordinates of the alliance bank. To expand the broadcasting of the network, the station must be within the radius of the Alliance station. When the network of different alliances acts on the solar system, the system is considered as a part of the alliance network with a stronger signal. The network functional similarly works with technologies of other races: Planetoid xerjs and Psi Fields Concentrator tosses. In the galaxy, alliance networks are marked with different colors and logos. The operating stations of the alliance members are labeled with antennas: the yellow for your alliance, the reds for all the others. With officer General, level 15, flights between any solar system where there are your own stations works just like inside the alliance network.
+ 10% of the bonus for production of network stations.
+ 10% fleet speed.
- 10% fuel consumption when moving.
+ the ability to collect tribute to the alliance bank from all non-alliance players on the territory of the network.
+ the ability to collect taxes in Bank from members of the alliance on the territory of the network.