Insectoid Entity

Cost of the 1st level:

200 0001 100 00050 000CRP 2
The transformation of the moon into a living organism that could move along with the fleet on solar systems was an old dream of the Overmind. Living beings, able to live under the surface of the moons were born because of complex mutations, and you can manipulate them. In billions of numbers, organisms create directional vibrations under the surface of the moon, allowing it leaves orbit and begin free movement through space. Moving occurs as a series of preparations for jumps and jumps at regular intervals between large objects. It may collide with other satellites during these jumps. The maximum distance of one jump is 1500 ckm.

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Comparison by level
Lvl Time to prepare for a jump across 1000 ckm. Time of the jump over 1000 ckm. Consumption of vespene per jump over 1000 ckm.
1 16m 40s 01h 00m 00s 40 000
2 11m 47s 30m 00s 36 360
3 09m 37s 20m 00s 33 060
4 08m 20s 15m 00s 30 050
5 07m 27s 12m 00s 27 320
6 06m 48s 10m 00s 24 840
7 06m 18s 08m 34s 22 580
8 05m 54s 07m 30s 20 530
9 05m 33s 06m 40s 18 660
10 05m 16s 06m 00s 16 960