Emperor - is your personal assistant and deputy. The accuracy of its reports and meticulous punctuality is his best quality is able to exercise total control over the Empire.

He has a positive effect on Destruction of the units: Deathstar, Supernova Star and Jouann.
+ reduction of the basic fuel consumption by battleships from the 1st level
+ visibility flying fleets from asteroids when scanning Sensor Phalanx from 5th level and from coordinates from 9th level
+10% scan range by Sensor Phalanx
+1 planet for colonization per level, starting level 9
-% of amortization equal to a quarter of the sum of levels, including order x2
+% equal to sum of the levels for attack, shields and armor of defensive units
+reinforcement of the planets structure by % equal to the sum of levels (including order x2), on level 10, the bonus doubles.
After level 2 it is possible to order x2.